About Us

Mars Design Studio, founded in 2004 is a complete web and drafting solutions provider. We provide end-to-end e-Business Solutions for small, medium and large size businesses and organizations. We specialize in cutting-edge web design, multimedia content for today's in demand on-line services.

what we do?

MDS is a company that creates a professional presentation of your business. From creating a corporate identity including a company logo, business card, brochure, newsletter, magazine or web site design. We could also re-polish your exiting corporate identity to meet today’s fast pacing world. We have the latest software and experience to help you reintroduce yourself to your market in a professional look.

why hire mds?

Developing a web site is creating that virtual space where your customers make contact with you and you reach out to them. Visual appeal is important, but functionality is the key. A web site must be seamless in navigation to facilitate information into communication, contact and collaboration.

Similarly, creating presentation tools to communicate with your client also follows the same rule of “visual appeal”. Whether its your corporate identity or marketing materials we could help you convey your message to your clients.